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3 Ways Your Insurance Company Will Try to Trick You After a Car Accident


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You’ve paid your premiums every month and have been a loyal customer to your insurance company for years.

So, now that you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident, they’ve got your back, right? After all, isn’t that the point of having insurance in the first place?

Well, not so fast.

While in theory, you pay your premiums to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a car accident, the truth is, your insurance company’s goal is to shell out as little money as possible for your pain and suffering. Even worse, they are not above employing a few tricks to force you to inadvertently forfeit the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Here are 3 ways your insurance company will try to trick you after a car accident:

1. They Call You Right Away – you may still be waiting in the emergency room or doctor’s office, but the second they find out about your accident, your insurance company will call you…and not out of concern for your wellbeing. Their real objective is to gain your trust with fake sympathy before you consult with a lawyer to determine your rights. Keep in mind, you are at your most vulnerable at this point. You may even be in shock. This is not the time to divulge anything to your insurance company about your condition. First and foremost, medical studies have shown that various injuries, such as damage to soft tissue, may take several days or longer to manifest after a car accident, which means you don’t even know the extent of your own injuries at this time. DO NOT be fooled into making a recorded (because they will record you), affirmative statement like, “I’m okay,” or “It’s just a minor thing.” Your insurance company will use such statements to dismantle your injury claim before you even get to file one. Instead, just say, “I’m seeking medical attention,” then hang up.

2. They Monitor You on Social Media – in this digital age, it’s easy for your insurance adjustor to keep tabs on you online in their quest for “evidence” to dispute the severity and extent of your injuries. If you are active on social media, make sure your privacy preferences are on the highest settings possible and do not “friend” or “connect” with anyone you don’t know. And although it may be tempting, avoid posting any information or details about your accident on your social media sites because your insurance company is watching and waiting for anything they can use against you. DO NOT do further harm to yourself or imperil your case by sharing it all over the internet.

3. They Impose a Fake Deadline for Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claim – your insurance adjuster’s loyalty is to his boss and company, not to you. In fact, insurance companies train their adjustors to review and evaluate your claim with skepticism, not a genuine desire to uncover the truth about your injuries and compensate you for them. Your adjuster may even threaten that they are going to close your file or withdraw a settlement offer if you do not provide your consent by a certain date. Why do they employ such tactics? They want to you to accept the lowest offer possible before you’ve had an opportunity to fully calculate your losses. DO NOT commit to anything until you’ve secured legal representation.

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